Weekend Mindfulness and Relaxation Course

February 27th and 28th 2016  Plymouth

You may have heard about Mindfulness…you may have read about it ….you may even have downloaded an app and started practicing

Wherever you are on your mindfulness journey, this weekend is for you.

Mindfulness is a technique anyone can learn. You do not need special rituals, or clothing …you do not need to find a sacred space …it is simply a cognitive technique that we can all learn.

Mindfulness is recommended by many health professionals as a preferred self help method for managing anxiety and depression.   People who practice Mindfulness regularly are able to cope far better with the stresses of everyday life.

The challenge of Mindfulness is in discovering how to practice it in our daily lives, as it is only with a regular practice that the benefits will be experienced.

These benefits include:

You will spend the weekend in the beautiful surroundings of Millbay in Plymouth. The beautiful room overlooks the harbour and if we are lucky we will get to watch the sunset. You will provided with a healthy vegetarian lunch each day plus healthy snacks at the breaks.

Your investment of £295 includes workbooks, healthy lunch and snacks on both days and a follow up coaching call with Beverley Harper. Early bird price of £265 if booked before February 18th

Timings:  Saturday 9.30 – 5.00  Sunday 10.00 – 4.30

Call Beverley Harper on 0780 890 1177 or email to book your place 

OR pay by PAYPAL here


Managing stress in your lives
Boosting the immune System
Increasing well being
Improving energy levels
Decreased irritability
Reduced pain
Improved mood

Enhanced physical stamina and resilience
Break free from unwanted habits
Improved heart and circulatory health
Reduced blood pressure
Improved relationships
Greater intimacy

What’s not to like?

On this weekend you will learn:

• The mind/body connection and the impact of stress
• How to exercise choice about what you pay attention to
• To train your brain to focus through mindful awareness
• How to identify unhelpful beliefs which are stopping you being the best version of yourself and how to let go of them
• Progressive relaxation
• Inductions to relaxation
• Various breath focused practices
• Focus of attention practices
• Various sensory practices
• How to use mindfulness to activate sensory awareness
• How to deal with barriers to practicing
• How to develop a regular practice and integrate it into your day to day life
• How to develop self compassion
• Being present rather than disconnected
• How to unhook from the auto-pilot

And so much more.