What I Treat

There are many things which can be problematic for people. Confusing and difficult emotions,relationship difficulties,work concerns, pain and longterm illness, difficult upbringing and life experiences are just some of the things that people come to see me about.

The list of what I treat is varied. My view is that everyone has the inherent ability to become their own therapist and that my role, whatever the issues are is to help facilitate long term change and growth through understanding, questioning and encouragement within the Cognitive Behavioural framework.

The most common reasons people consult me are: Anxiety, Panic Attacks, IBS, Depression, Insomnia, Phobias, Sexual Problems, Relationship Issues, Exam anxiety, Long term pain, Fertility Issues, Fear of Public Speaking, Performance Anxiety, Lack of self esteem, Weight Management, Habits like Smoking or Binge drinking.

However, often people have more complex problems in which aspects of the issues listed may be a feature. And sometimes, people just feel stuck, that their life is not where they want it to be and talking through things in a focussed way can really help them get clarity on what needs to change.


Anxiety has many faces and can be extremely uncomfortable. For some people it is a combination of both physical symptoms and difficult automatic thoughts. For others it is mainly one or the other. Where there is an anxiety reaction it is likely that there is a perception of threat or danger, or a need to be certain about things or to maintain control. Typically, people with anxiety will create a catastrophic situation in their minds and see themselves as completely unable to cope. When this happens the stress response is triggered causing the uncomfortable physical feelings to escalate. As with other issues, frequently clients have developed unhelpful behavioural patterns like over drinking or over eating to try and escape these uncomfortable feelings. With CBT, clients can learn to manage their anxiety responses in a more resourceful and appropriate manner. Acceptance and Commitment therapy together with Mindfulness is also very helpful.

Some of the different anxiety issues I treat include:

Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety
Health Anxiety
Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder
Post traumatic Stress and Trauma
Situational Anxiety
Work stress
Relationship Stress


This can present in general life, in work and in relationship situations. Anger, is generally because of the rigid expectations people have about how people should behave. Often unhealthy coping strategies can have become habitual in an effort to suppress these feelings. Such behaviours can include high alcohol consumption and drug taking which exacerbate the problem. Through CBT people can learn effective strategies to let go of the beliefs which maintain their anger.  Anger can also be mixed with other difficult emotions such as Hurt or Shame and a combination of CBT and Compassion Focused approaches can help make significant changes in your thoughts and behaviours.


Depression is one of the most common illnesses facing people in the UK today. With a reported 1 in 4 people suffering from depression in the lifetime, if this is something you have been struggling with you are not alone. As with anxiety there are many different types of depression but all a characterized by low mood. appetite and a lack of care over appearance and environment. Whether it is as a result of loss or perceived failure , which are common themes in depression. As with other issues people dealing with depression may also be stuggling with toxic emotions such as Hurt or Shame and  CBT and Compassion Focussed therapy  can be extremely helpful.

Fertility Issues

For many women issues over fertility can become all consuming , effecting all aspects of life .

I had the pleasure of training with Sjanie Hugo Wurtlitzer who developed the Fertile Body Method (FBM). The Fertile Body Method is a mind body approach to fertility, which acknowledges the importance of working with fertility problems in a holistic way. It involves a potent combination of cognitive and hypnotic techniques to positively impact on physical and emotional wellbeing and fertility. Click here more information

Lack of self-confidence

Lack of self-confidence and low self worth are very common issues for many people. This can typically be a core issue in Depression and Anxiety or a presenting issue in itself. It is often reinforced by negative, self-abusing self-talk which kicks in at all times. Frequently there is a feeling of “not being enough “ not good enough, pretty enough, funny enough, likeable enough. The list goes on. This self-depreciating chatter has often become the soundtrack to my client’s life and is reinforced continually.

We work together to change this destructive chatter, to establish self-acceptance and to build resilience

Weight Management

CBT and hypnosis is a potent combination in helping people lose weight. I have developed a six-week programme spread over three months to support your own efforts to lose weight and regain a healthy lifestyle.

Weight is often an emotional issue; making permanent change is more than just going to gym or going on a diet. CBT helps you let go of the sabotaging thoughts and behaviours which can keep you on the lose, gain treadmill.