After many years struggling with anxiety I feel I have my life back on track. I was very apprehensive about therapy but having met Beverley I found her very easy to work with, the sessions were educational and fun. Her professional and focused approach to my issues helped me to make sense of issues, which had held me back in many areas. Thank you.
Veronica, Fulham.

Working with Beverley has given me great insight into my behavioural habits, as well as providing me with the necessary skills to recognise when and where I need to ‘stop and think’. These session have had a huge impact on my life, I would go as far as to say ‘life changing’.
Caroline, London.

Beverley introduced me to CBT and taught me several techniques that are now part of my daily routine. Compared to other psychotherapies I tried in the past, I found CBT very beneficial and helpful. After six sessions I managed to learn its techniques and how to manage a long-term problem of anxiety. Her empathy and warm personality put me at ease and I found the whole experience very useful for my personal well-being and development”.
Alex, Central London.

I can only thank Beverly for her help and support in providing me with the tools to become a stronger and more resilient person. She has helped to retrain my mind without changing me, and encourages me as I make strong steps forward from a very bleak place. Beverley has taught me to accept that I cannot change the past and with her help I have totally changed my future and embrace an exciting unknown.
Caroline, Central London.

The sessions have been a great help to me and I feel much better prepared to deal with the situations which have caused difficultly in the past. I’m sure the recording will help reinforce things. I’ll let you know how I get on.
Robert, East Dulwich.

I had been unable to fly for about 5 years, causing problems with my family and professionally. After a few sessions with Beverley I was able to overcome this phobia and have just returned from my first trip abroad for over 6 years. My husband and children are delighted and so am I.
Rose, Paddington.

Just want to let you know that I did make it to Australia and I had the most amazing time. I found the few days before travelling out quite stressful, but then I was mainly relieved to be getting on with it. The flying wasn’t too bad at all. The relaxation and other techniques we practised really helped and
I didn’t feel claustrophobic or anxious at all. I will keep working on it and see how things go. Best wishes.
Ian, Barnes.

Feedback from Corporate Clients

Having worked with Beverley for more years than I can remember, I have always been inspired by her enthusiasm for training, people and life! Her innate understanding of how people tick, and ability to pitch her thoughts and processes at whatever level of individual she is coaching, means she makes an invaluable contribution whenever her services are called upon.
Tim Langford, Managing Director, JLD Media.